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Noel Edward Cranswick's Home Page with Medical, Computing and Environmental Links

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Brief Résumé

Family Name: Cranswick

Forenames: Noel (Wilfred) Edward   


Married to Mariam (nee Abedi) for 18 years!

Children: Bernadette aged 15 years & Rodney aged 6 years

In my Family but NOT in our family home are:

Lachlan Cranswick: my brother (a WWW page GURU, or so he tells me!)

Rupert Cranswick: my brother (yet to get a WWW page)


    1. Clinical Pharmacologist, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
    2. Associate Professor, University of Melbourne
    3. Director, NE & M Cranswick Pty Ltd., Medical Computing Internet Consultants.

Highest Degree and Institution:

MB, BS. 1987 & B Med Sc., 1987, University of Melbourne

FRACP (Paeds) 1996, RACP


Important Links (to me anyway):

Check out Lachlan Cranswick's Home Page (My Brother)

Check out the links below

Some Local Medical Sites in Melbourne:

The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Department of Medicine, Alfred Hospital, Monash University AUSTRALIA

Department of Epidemiology & Preventive Medicine, Alfred Hospital, Monash University AUSTRALIA

Austin Hospital, Heidelberg, AUSTRALIA


Research Links:

Medical Links:

My Hobbies include :

Java Sample: The Oligo Calculator from E. Buehler



Mariam Bernadette & Rodney


Lachlan Cranswick

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